Hello, I’m Satsuma Wallet, a humble Bitcoin (BTC) wallet app. Built for bitcoiners by bitcoiners.

Satsuma Wallet is currently in open beta on TestFlight.


Satsuma Wallet is a free open-source app. No need to create an account, and no ads!


Satsuma Wallet is very easy to use for newcoiners.

Satsuma is sats-friendly: Amounts are displayed in ₿, with formatting for easy reading in sats.


Satsuma connects directly to your own full node, with optional TOR connection, so you don’t have to rely on anyone else’s copy of the Blockchain to verify your own Bitcoin.

Key features:
  • BIP-39 “25 word” passphrase compatible
  • PIN code and FaceID
  • Simple interface with limited “extras” ideal for newcoiners
Coming soon:
  • Swipe paper wallet
  • And more…

ⓢ Stay humble, #StackSats.